The Objectives


  • To develop members, by precept and example, into a more intelligent, aggressive and serviceable citizenship, and to create in them a desire to participate actively in civic and welfare work in their respective communities;
  • To create in every member a personal desire for knowledge and self-improvement, and to develop trust, friendship and understanding between people in their professional and social activities;
  • To provide a practical means of forming enduring friendships and good-will among its members in their communities, their country and throughout the world;
  • To hold and promote entertainment, instructions, programs and social gatherings in and for the furtherance of the purposes of “Active 20-30 United States & Canada”.


The Code

With the productive years of my life before me, with ambitions and ideals to be realized, I accept the following principles necessary in their attainment:

  • To show proper appreciation for my community, and to do everything in my power for its growth and development;
  • To recognize that friendship is reciprocal and that friendly cooperation is the foundation of society;
  • To offer sincere service to Active 20-30 and to fulfill to the best of my ability any task that the organization may assign me;
  • To recognize the intrinsic worth of the objectives of Active 20-30 which are the development, by precept and example of a more intelligent, aggressive, and serviceable citizenship, providing of a practical means of forming enduring friendships, of rending altruistic service and building better communities.